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The Hungary Health Center uniquely applies the combined practices of modern medicine and ancient, traditional oriental medicine not only is Szeged, but also in Hungary as a whole. However, we are considered to be special in other aspects as well. Our services do not end with a successful surgery or treatment, since we provide the possibility of staying in the Hunguest Hotel Forrás, in luxury environment for the time of recovery. During this period you will be offered first class services under the supervision of highly qualified professionals.


Our specialists

Kőrffy Kornél
Kőrffy Kornél DDS
Dentistry, Implantology

Professional background, knowledge, ethics and care… These are those crucial words that represent the phrases of my everyday life and have the meaning that best expresses my personal commitment. Consulting thousands of my patients, I have decided that instead of building walls and creating ideologies in the way of renewing, I invent a system that suits the preferences of today’s patient needs.


Vereczkey Attila M.D.
Obstetrician – gynecologist, infertility specialist

My main fields of experience are Endocrinology, Assisted Reproduction Technology, Endoscopic Surgery and Human Genetics. Although my professional results and success is worldwide acknowledged, I am never fully content about current results, and that is why I continuously train myself and try to learn from the world’s bests. Thanks to the technology we use for infertility treatments we are able to significantly raise the ratio of conceiving and give birth to healthy babies.


Sikovanyecz János M.D.

I have started my medical carrier at the Clinic of Obstetrics and Gynecology 20 years ago. I have been leading the ultrasound ambulance of the clinic for more than 8 years now. My primer field of interest is obstetric and gynecologic ultrasound diagnostics, assisted reproduction and prenatal genetics. During the many years of my practice I have managed to gain experience in the field of laparoscopic surgery as well. I was the first on in Hungary to have done amniotic fluid replacement in case of pregnancies with amniotic fluid deficiency.


Rovó László M.D.
Otolaryngology specialist

From the very beginning I have been involved in the treatment of respiratory disorders and problems affecting the throat and voice. His activity area also covers minimal invasive and radical surgery of the diseases of nasal and paranasal sinuses, surgical treatment of acute and chronic ear infections and modern technology-based operations that help improve hearing, even for people profoundly deaf. The very first hearing improvement surgery in Europe, during which the magnetic device is placed right under the skin behind the ear, was carried out under my supervision and control at the Clinic of Szeged in Hungary.


Bende Balázs
Bende Balázs M.D.

In todays accelerated world appearance or aesthetics has a decisive role, whether it be choosing a partner, establishing everyday relationships, fitting into your working place or having our own peace of mind. Although we cannot stop the passing of time, we can delay the process of aging and its signs on our skin. The development both in technology and technics have brought about several different treatments for the correction of congenital or acquired disorders as well.


Vereczkey Csaba
Vereczkey Csaba M.D.
Rehabilitation specialist

Through decades of general practice I have gained experience in several fields of medicine. According to my philosophy, in many cases it is not the surgery itself that is challenging, but the rehabilitation process following the surgery. Therefore I have specialized in rehabilitation, to make the process easier and faster for patients. I find the combined use of complex help, traditional medicine and the different medical fields important in all physical, spiritual and mental areas.